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"You must be the change you want to see in the world." ~ Mahatma Ghandi

Rick Freeman helps you discover your greater possibilities and realize your soul's potential.

Your personal potential is yours alone to realize and live.

There is no other just like you on Earth.

It is an alone journey of self-discovery, but you don't have to journey alone.

Isn't it more fun and enriching to have an honest sounding board and confidant along on the journey -- as you lean into the changes that move you from there to here?

As a soul companion, Rick brings the richness of objectivity, confidentiality, trained listening and empathic skills acquired in 25+ years of experience to help you. Intra- and inter- personal communications are central to all of his work with you. He integrates natural deep listening and advanced intuitive energy reading skills he has been developing since his childhood..

Life-changing transformation will come to you as you to realize the true integral nature of your inner self and outer world. Understanding and living from a perception of interdependence in relationship will give you a more balanced holistic life -- integrating all aspects of your personal, career, relational, and financial goals.

In spiritual life consultation, energy reading and shamanic healing, Rick incorporates advanced holistic intuitive perception, spiritual wisdom and practices as he comes alongside to help you discover your possibilities. These skills are grounded and complimented by experience and training in corporate management and consulting. A corporate manager in both domestic and international business before his awakening, he has followed it with many years of small and personal business consulting, and professional spiritual coaching. He enjoys analysis, organizational, systems, and process design, as well as the healing arts of counseling spiritual enrichment as a means of finding balance in his own life. 

To have Rick come alongside of you as a coach-companion for Intuitive Dialogue, a facilitator for energetic healing, or to help you clarify and encourage the life you were born to live, email him at info@rickfreeman.org.

Rick Freeman - Spiritual Teacher, Shaman Healer, Inspired Speaker   For a Closer Look at Rick's Skills...

    Rick Freeman, who has spent a lifetime following a modern and ancient mystical path of exploring consciousness. He is a contemporary natural Shamanic healer, clairvoyant, clairsentient, an open channel for transpersonal reflection, and catalyst for personal transformation.

  Born an emotional empath with multidimensional perception, Rick remains grounded in the everyday world where he has also been a corporate manager, business consultant/coach and professional clinical chaplain/counselor. Some have called him a renaissance man for his eclectic adaptability and portfolio career. He considers himself spiritual rather than religious, although he is ordained and a clinical chaplain, and he respects all paths as leading to the same Ultimate Consciousness. those for whom a religious path informs their life.

   Rick's empathic skills and highly sensitive energy perception are integral abilities for deep listening, observation, facilitating multidimensional shamanic healing, and unified consciousness for inspired speaking. These are always present as part of who he is.

    Over two decades as a teacher of transpersonal consciousness and catalyst for living in presence, people of all ages and backgrounds have reported to Rick stories of their personal transformation, accelerated awakening, expanded consciousness, spiritual healing (incidentally at times physical), increased confidence or freedom that comes with self-realization, and their own experiences of the multidimensional world in which we live.

     If you invite Rick to be a coach / guide / resource in your life. he will also help you remember your inner wisdom, true nature and soul potential that makes you precious and unique to this world.